Dragon Quest IX

Dragon Quest IX

Dragon Quest IX: It turned into developed by degree-five, and posted in 2009 with the aid of rectangular enix in japan; it become published through nintendo in north the us and pal regions a year later, in 2010, making it the second one numbered installment of the series to be released inside Europe and australia, after dragon quest viii: adventure of the cursed king.

Dragon quest ix delivered nearby multiplayer capability to the series, as well as constrained compatibility with nintendo wireless connection. it was additionally the primary to be initially launched for a hand held sport console, and the primary to characteristic spawning of enemies, rather than random encounters. the game keeps most of the collection’ conventional role-gambling factors, including flip-based totally fight and a degree system based totally on gaining enjoy factors. the game was designed to be the maximum tough identify in the collection.


Dragon quest ix continues the dragon quest culture of turn-based combat and is considered more difficult than the alternative dragon quest games earlier than it. the game lets in gamers to have a cooperative wireless multi-player experience with up to four gamers; it does not, however, function multi-participant competencies through nintendo wireless. multiplayer play requires a sport cartridge for each participant. the game consists of best one save slot, whereas most have at the least 3.

In component because of dragon quest ix’s design as a multiplayer game, party participants are characters created and chosen via the player. not like previous games, the participant has more manage over their man or woman’s appearance. at the same time as dragon warrior iii and dragon quest iv: chapters of the selected allowed players to pick among gambling a hero or a heroine, dragon quest ix offers extra customization by means of also allowing players to outline themselves with characteristics inclusive of hair patterns and skin tones.

Dragon Quest IX


War is performed from a aggregate of first and 1/3-character perspectives. the man or woman plans his or her attack from a primary character attitude, selecting which warring parties to target (which includes the capability to target precise monsters in a single institution) after which switches to a moving 1/3-character view to watch the main individual’s birthday party and the monsters struggle for the spherical. fight includes a mixture device to be had both to gamers and monsters. whilst two or more same attacks are accomplished consecutively on the equal opponent the assault damage will increase by using a multiplier. a -hit mixture gets a 1.1x multiplier (1.2x in the Na and UK model), a three-hit combo a 1.5x multiplier, and a 4-hit blend a 2.0x multiplier.


Dragon quest ix gives the player non-compulsory quests to finish during and after the principle sport. quests serve as aspect-testimonies supporting non-participant characters around the game’s world. more than one quests may be done concurrently; some are interlocking, others liberate stages in fellow quests. early quests consist of collecting magical spring water, slaying monsters and stealing for a fellow thief. not like previous dragon quest installments, dragon quest ix includes many open ended mini-quests. upon final touch of the quests, a “quest listing log”, serving as an in-recreation success listing.

Dragon Quest IX



Dragon quest ix shipped with over 2 million pre-order sales.whilst the professional launch date for dragon quest ix in japan was July eleven, 2009, some retailers had already shipped orders; one such dealer requested its clients to no longer play the sport until the professional launch date.in spite the big quantity of pre-orders and extra release shipments by means of square enix, traces still shaped for the release.within a two-day length, the name had sold 2,318,932 copies out of an estimated 3 million copies that had been shipped.

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